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GreenEdge™ Innovations
                      in Energy Management

Akros–the Greek word for “edge”–embodies our commitment to bringing leading edge innovations to green power and energy management ICs.

The Akros team brings together diverse expertise in high-voltage power management, precision analog and high-speed mixed-signal designs, Ethernet and other communication System-on-a-chip (SoC) designs and technologies--with the objective of solving our customers’ problem of developing more power efficient and managed appliances, in a more cost effective manner with short time to market.

To do so,Akros takes a unique system-oriented approach to find crucial barriers and bottlenecks impacting system performance and cost, and addresses those with fundamental innovation at the IC level.

For instance, high efficiency managed power is crucial to next-generation, energy-managed PoE (Power over Ethernet) systems, like the VoIP phones, IP Cameras, wireless LAN access points, etc. Also, cost is a major driver for large-scale deployments. To address these, Akros has developed breakthrough and proprietary GreenEdge™ 2kV high-voltage digital isolation technology that enables superior DC-DC efficiency and high-performance energy management across isolated power domains. It provides unparalleled integration at Power System-on-a-Chip (Power SoC) level to address all the customers' Power system design needs and cost concerns in a single device. And it’s developed on mass manufacturing standard CMOS process to benefit from the economies of scale of standard CMOS. Akros’ unique architecture combines the benefits of integration with power system performance enhancements along with EMC compliance management for faster time to market for our customers.

Learn more about the GreenEdge Technology and it’s system level benefits.

EMI, Surge and Isolationperformance is critical to shipping systems compliant with US and international standards. Akros designs address such standards right from the start. System designers can take advantage of Akros' technology to develop products that meet UL/CSA and EMC compliance by design, minimizing the number of board turns and substantially improving time-to-market.

Since Power and Ethernet mixes data and power delivery on the same wire, it is critical to manage the path for transient surge events, in parallel with the DC-DC conversion function while providing robust isolation in order to achieve EMC and Safety compliance, and the Ethernet transmission requirements. The two major sources for electromagnetic emissions come from switching noise emanating at the DC-DC conversion and differential to common mode conversion that occurs at the Ethernet PHYs and associated transformers. Akros’ unique EMI technology is critical for low EMI emissions and to improve immunity in both conducted and radiated frequency bands.

Learn more about Akros’ EMI & ESD protection technology in the White Paper section.

Akros has been leading the charge in development of the new Power-over-Ethernet Plus(IEEE802.3at) standard and technology with implementation of Digital PoE for high immunity against line transients. 

Learn about the latest PoE+ standard, its benefits and how it enables more efficient usage of power. See the PoE Overview and White Paper pages.To learn more about Akros Technology, please visit White Paper section

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