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Power over Ethernet is standardized by the IEEE® 802.3 committee. The first generation of PoE standard is IEEE 802.3af – 2003, which defines the maximum device input power at 13W. Initial deployments of PoE technology were driven by the need for Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) Telephony systems and WiFi Networking in the enterprise environment. As PoE has gained popularity, there has been a demand for even more network-powered appliances. However, many critical applications which could benefit from PoE, such as PTZ IP security cameras and access controllers, RFID readers, thin-client computers, multi-antenna based Wireless Access Points, etc., require more than 13W of input power.

To facilitate the higher power requirements, the IEEE committee is working to standardize the next advancement of PoE, the IEEE 802.3at standard, also referred to as PoE Plus (PoE+). The PoE+ standard will allow for the delivery of over 25W of input power. With 802.3at, a completely new class of devices can be powered directly via the network interface. These include RFID terminals, pan-tilt-zoom security cameras, 802.11n wireless access points, video phones, laptops, thin-client computers and point of sale terminals.

Akros Silicon has been actively involved in development of the new PoE Plus standard at the IEEE. To learn more about the standard, benefits, deployment and implementation techniques, please download the PoE Plus White Paper.

Download this file (WP14-PoE_Plus_Overview-Rev1.0.pdf)PoE Plus White Paper463 kB

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