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Akros Silicon’s GreenEdge™ Technology Overview

High-efficiency managed power is crucial to next-generation energy-aware electronic equipments. Akros Silicon’s development of GreenEdge™ 2kV high-voltage digital isolation technology enables high-performance energy management across isolated power domains. Akros’ isolation technology provides a high-speed, bi-directional data link in silicon across a 2kV isolation barrier for command and control. This data link channel allows Akros' primary-side power controller to adapt to load changes on the secondary-side while maintaining high efficiency across all loads. In addition, the data link channel allows the secondary side to receive live monitoring information from the primary side, resulting in increased power supply reliability, remote management and diagnostics monitoring.

Today’s isolated power systems are constrained by the use of very-low-speed and bulky external opto-couplers for all signal transfer between the primary (high-voltage line/source) side and secondary (low-voltage electronics) side. This approach limits the performance of the primary power-conversion subsystem (high voltage to low voltage conversion). It also inhibits the functionality and feature set that system designers are able to implement in a cost effective way. In comparison, Akros’ GreenEdge™

World’s First Power System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Products with Integrated 2kV Isolation

With the integration of GreenEdge technology in Akros Power SoC products like the AS18x4 andAS14x4, Akros offers the first solutions providing complete flexibility for each side (primary or secondary) to control and monitor the other side without the use of slow-speed, less-reliable opto-couplers. Furthermore, current solutions that require a large number of opto-couplers and external ICs only achieve a fraction of the functionality provided by the GreenEdge platform products. These products integrate functionality of up to nine separate ICs typically used in current solutions, thereby providing significantly increased board space savings and system bill-of-material savings for OEMs. The GreenEdge products deliver a complete power system SoC in a very small foot-print, freeing precious board space for our customers to implement more value-added features.

Platform Benefits for OEMs

OEMs face the continuous challenge of adding increasingly more distinct functionality in electronic equipment while reducing power consumption, development time and costs. GreenEdge products now offer them the following benefits:Company web page image - 0709 - white bkgnd

Cost-Effective Designs: GreenEdge products integrate functionality of up to nine separate ICs typically used in current solutions, therefore providing significant board space savings and system bill-of-material savings for OEMs. The high efficiency of isolated power conversion reduces the required power from the local adapter or the network and enables OEMs to fit more functionality into their limited power budgets or lower PoE power class limits. It also eases thermal design considerations for tight form-factor appliances, such as network cameras and residential gateways. Digital power and EMC programmability features allow for easier design changes through software, preventing expensive board spins.

Intelligent Value-Added Features: With unprecedented Power SoC integration, the GreenEdge products free up precious board space for our customers to implement more value-added features. For instance, OEMs can use AS18x4 products to design and deploy intelligent appliances that support network-based energy management and simplify implementation of enterprise-wide energy-saving policies. GreenEdge technology also simplifies implementation of upcoming green-power standards and initiatives, such as the European EuP directives. Now OEMs can design a wide range of cost-effective products around the GreenEdge solutions to capitalize on energy-efficiency market trends.

Faster Time to Market: Advanced programmability of devices leads to faster development cycles and product EMC qualification, thereby reducing development resources and time. GreenEdge technology enables advanced system clock management features that simplify design for EMC compliance. The reduction in number of IC count and bill-of-materials simplifies the development, validation and qualification phases.

Lower Cost of Operation: GreenEdge technology enables both the local and network software to have full diagnostic and management control of the high-voltage power system for implementation of network-based energy management policies. This ability, along with standalone efficiency improvements, help reduce the power requirement on the switch side and at data centers, leading to dramatic energy reduction and cost savings across the entire enterprise. Built-in advanced diagnostic features and high-voltage telemetry features improve remote IT servicing of devices, reducing IT “truck rolls” and service costs for end customers.

Design Scalability & Reuse: Platform-level integration allows Akros to deliver foot-print compatible SoCs that the OEMs can use across their product lines. This leads to significant reuse of design, development and compliance engineering–conserving precious product development budgets for our customers. For instance, customers can scale designs across a wide-range of power requirements utilizing the AS14x4 products, and create common designs for PoE or non-PoE power equipments, such as IP and analog surveillance cameras using both the AS18x4 and AS14x4 product families.

The Bottom Line

Akros Silicon’s introduction of the GreenEdge™ Power SoC solutions with integrated 2kV isolation achieves unprecedented cost and energy savings from the OEM down through the end customer. These products provide direct—and significant—cost benefits to OEMs by allowing them to design a wide range of cost-effective products that capitalize on energy efficiency market trends. GreenEdge™ technology enables them to create differentiated feature sets for their customers, who, in turn, pass along the benefits of recurring operating-cost savings to their end customers.

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