GreenEdge PoE Power SoC (AS18xx)

GreenEdge™ PoE (AF/AT/60W/90W) Power SoC: Integrated PD Controller, 2kV digital isolation, and Quad/Dual/Single DC-DC Outputs with I2C based Management and Diagnostics

The AS18xx product family integrates Akros GreenEdge™ high-voltage and high-speed isolation technology with next-generation Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) PD and power conversion technology to deliver groundbreaking power integration and enable a new range of Digital Power PoE PD capabilities and solutions.

A Type 1 (IEEE® 802.3af, 13W) and Type 2 (IEEE® pre-802.3at, 25.5W) compliant PD is integrated with High-Voltage Isolation and Quad/Dual/Single-Output Digital Power DC-DC Converters–resulting in a complete PoE & Power management solution in a single device with minimal external components. The AS1860 addresses the emerging 60W/90W PoE standard.

In addition to enabling digital PoE power conversion, Akros GreenEdge™ isolation enables direct digital management of both isolated Primary power and Secondary system power for real time, end-to-end Green Energy Management capabilities.


The AS18xx family contains the following eight products: AS1860, AS1854, AS1851, AS1844, AS1834 AS1831, AS1824 and AS1822. These devices offer a complete range of high-end to low-end and high-power (PoE Plus, IEEE802.3at, 60W/90W) to low-power (IEEE 802.3af) products that meet diverse product line requirements and provide substantial cost savings. AS18xx products are available in footprint-compatible, 64-pin 9x9 QFN, Reduction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS)-compliant packages.

See individual product pages for more details on each product.