GreenEdge DC-DC SoC with Integrated 2kV Isolation

GreenEdge™ Isolated Power SoC: 9-72VDC / 24VAC Digital Power SoC with Integrated 2kV Isolation and Quad-Outputs

The AS1454/51/44/34/31/24/22 are Quad/Dual/Single-Output Digital Power SoCs for 9.5-72VDC & 24VAC isolated power applications. All are built on Akros’ integrated GreenEdgeTM 2kV digital isolation technology creating a flexible power platform that eliminates all opto-couplers and minimizes component count and design footprint.

Synchronous converters with digital loop and timing control are integrated with digital isolation as part of an advance power system architecture for high-efficiency and cost-effective designs. Selectable spread-spectrum clocking on all PWMs reduces the power supply spectral noise for superior EMC performance. Bi-directional Isolated GPIO and isolated ADC ease system level design in many industrial and medical applications.


With two externally-programmable high-current capable outputs (Vout1 and Vout4), and two internal Buck Regulators (Vout2 and Vout3, with 1.25A option in AS1424/34 and 2A option in AS1444/54), the device family provides a scalable platform solution for sub-50W range applications. An I2C (AS1431/34 & AS1451/54 only) compatible management interface provides advanced power control and diagnostics capability. Hardware-programmable device operation is available on all seven devices. The AS1451/31 provide a single isolated output, while the AS1822 provides dual isolated outputs.

Part #







(max, each)



AS1422     X       Set Externally   N/A   <20W  
AS1424 X   Set Externally 1.25 Arms <20W
AS1431     X     X     Set Externally   N/A     <20W  
AS1434 X X Set Externally 1.25 Arms <20W
AS1444 X   Set Externally 2.0 Arms <50W
AS1451     X     X     Set Externally     2.0 Arms     <50W  
AS1454 X X Set Externally 2.0 Arms <50W

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