AS19xx Ten Device Family of Dual and Triple Output DC-DC Power Managers

The AS19xx Energy$ense™ 10 device product family integrates Akros cost effective power management capabilities with high efficiency, low EMI, dual and triple output synchronous Buck, Boost, and LED Boost converters to provide broad application coverage for cost and space sensitive power applications that need excellent power conversation performance.

All outputs provide independent (pin programmed) enable delay and soft start timing, and, automatically manage both standard and pre-biased power startup. Synchronous spread-spectrum clocking with external PWM clock sync capability is built into each device for low-noise, low EMI multi-output rail applications.

The AS19xx Family simplifies power system design with a range of programmable and easy-design features, and all devices are can be Hardware (pin programmed) controlled, and, addition devices also include enhanced Software (I²C) controlled features.

AS19xx Family Product Offering

All 10 devices in the AS19xx Family provide two Synchronous Buck Regulators with internal power FETs. Triple Output devices include either a Buck, Boost or LED Boost (constant current) Controller. All ten AS19xx devices are available in 5x5mm 32-pin QFN RoHS compliant packages.

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AS12xx Four Device Family of Single Output High Voltage DC-DC Power Managers

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