Energy$ense™ Digital DC-DC Power Managers with Dual Synchronous Bucks


Part of the Akros AS19xx Energy$ense™ product family, the AS1922/AS1912 are highly integrated, high efficiency, dual output Synchronous Buck PMICs (Power Management ICs) for cost and space sensitive system power applications.

The two power outputs are both 3-5.5V input Synchronous Buck Regulators with internal Power FETs. Both outputs provide independent delay and soft start timing control and automatically manage both standard and pre-biased power startup. Synchronous spread-spectrum clocking with external PWM clock sync capability is built in for low-noise, low-EMI multi-channel applications.

The AS1922/AS1912 are optimized for high-efficiency, cost and space constrained multi-channel applications. The device family simplifies power system design with a range of programmable and easy-design features, including system noise and EMI management.

Both the AS1922 and the AS1912 provide Hardware mode pin controlled operation, while the AS1922 also includes enhanced Software controlled features through an I²C interface.

The AS1922 & AS1912 are available in 5x5mm 32-pin QFN RoHS compliant packages.


  • Residential Gateways and Femto Cells
  • Wireless LAN & WiMAX access points/CPEs
  • IP and DECT Base-stations, Ethernet Switches
  • Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones, CCTV
  • Set-Top Box, PVR, DTV, LCD
  • Infotainment and Automotive accessories
  • Intermediate Bus and Point of Load applications
  • Tablets, Thin Clients and Netbooks


Digitally Programmable Power

  • Outputs 1 & 2: High Efficiency 3-5.5V Synchronous Buck Regulators with Integrated 2A(rms) Power FETs
  • Output range: 0.8V-4V
  • Programmable clock freq range of 0.5-2Mhz

Power Management

  • Pin Programmable Current Limit for each Output
  • Automatic Pre-Bias Output Startup Management
  • Per Output Enable & Soft Start Delay Timing Control
  • Multiple Soft Start Control Applications Supported
    - Independent, Ratiometric, or Coincident
  • Global PGOOD Monitoring
  • Synchronous Spread Spectrum Clocking on all PWMs
  • Input for Optional External Synchronization of PWMs
  • Pin Programmable UVLO
  • Pin Controlled Standby Mode
  • Per Converter Input Current Measurement (AS1922)
  • Per Output PGOOD Monitoring (AS1922)
  • Per Output Voltage Margining (AS1922)
  • Per Output CCM/DCM Control (AS1922)
  • Over-Temp Monitoring (AS1922)
  • 5V µC-Compatible I²C Interface (AS1922)

EMC Compliance and Protection

  • Synchronous Spread-Spectrum clocking on all PWMs
  • Over-Current, Under/Over-Voltage and Short-Circuit Protection with Hiccup Mode
  • High-Temperature Warning, Shutdown, and Restart
  • Industrial Temperature Range: -40C to 85C

Block Diagram