8.5-57V Controller for Isolated and Non-Isolated DC-DC Power Conversion

The Akros Silicon AS1260 Single Chip Controller provides DC-DC Power Conversion for isolated and non-isolated power conversion applications over a wide input voltage range of 8.5-57 VDC. The current-mode controller architecture includes N-FET and P-FET drivers, provides fast loop response, high efficiency, and low no-load power configurable for forward and buck topology power designs.

The AS1260 is available in 5x5mm 20-pin QFN RoHS compliant package.


  • 48V Telecom, Datacom and Security Systems
  • Automotive Power and Telematic Subsystems
  • Industrial Ethernet and Motor Control
  • Consumer 12V, 24V Input Power Conversion (WiFi Access Points, Ethernet Switches, Set Top Boxes, DVR, Printers)
  • Enterprise Router, Switch and Server Blades
  • Isolated & Non-Isolated IBA Power Conversion
  • Forward and Buck Power Designs


  • 8.5V to 57V Input Voltage
  • High Efficiency Design Capable, 90% typical
  • N-FET and P-FET Drivers
  • Low No-Load Power for Energy Star and EUP/CoC Compliant Designs
  • 350 KHz PWM Frequency
  • Programmable Soft Start
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Industrial Temperature Range, -40° to +85°C
  • RoHS compliant 5x5 mm 20 lead QFN

Typical Isolated Forward Application